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Getting Started

Getting Started

Deployment Options

TextKit provides a few ways to deploy the front-end interface:

  1. Hosted - On AWS, in the region of your choice.

  2. Embed tk.js into your app, which is as simple as:

<script src="path/to/tk.js"></script><div id="tk"></div>
  1. Enterprise SDK, which includes a React component library, design system, SDKs to build extensions, and additional deployment options (choose a different cloud or host on-premise)

Request Sandbox

To request your credentials and sandbox, visit this page. We'll send you an email to ask for some info, such as the mobile phone that you would use to test with, or call to better understand your use case.

We then register you either as a Partner or a Customer. You'll receive your access info as a secure link. Partners have the ability to offer TextKit to Customers inside an existing app or as a new service.

Deploying a Sample App

If you'd like to deploy your own sample starter app with TextKit inside it, a Repo link can be provided, with a one click deployment to Vercel or Netlify. You'll need the environment variables that we provide you when you register, which saves you from having to set everything up from scratch. Request a Sandbox for us to detemine the best deployment option for your use case.

Twilio Setup

When we register you, we automatically set up a number of Twilio services, and assign them to your TextKit instance:


You can use these credentials to assign conversations to TextKit users if you communicate with Twilio APIs directly.

If you'd like your assigned Twilio API Key and Secret, let us know (once you're registered) and we'll provide you with a one-time link to view them. Once viewed, please store them in a safe place - we can't retrieve them again. If you lose them, we always can generate a new one for you. We can also add your existing Twilio account to TextKit for advanced setup or to use your existing numbers and settings.