Statflo Documentation

Build for the frontline. Today.

Open APIs and SDKs for enterprise, partners, and white-labelling.

Statflo's developer-friendly SDKs and enterprise APIs enable frontline staff to safely drive sales across multiple channels and create the richest conversations with customers from the tools they already use.


  • Reduce legal, security and privacy risks
  • Do more: Build rich experiences instead of building a messenger
  • Make it your own: Change the brand, domain, theme and configuration
  • Higher conversion: 10% when customers reply, 4% when they don't
  • Higher response: Up to 40% of customers reply to local 1:1 messages
  • 22% average increase in same-store retention within 90 days
  • Future-proof: easily add to other UIs (Flex, Frontline)
  • Reduce lock-in: change backends/vendors easily, including headless CMS

TextKit is backed by Statflo, trusted by front-line teams in regulated markets and large enterprise to start millions of conversations annually for 7+ years


  • Enterprise-grade compliance built into every instance of TextKit
  • A common design system SDK for an accessible, beautiful experience
  • Build for embedding, standalone, web, mobile and desktop from the same SDK
  • Embed TextKit anywhere or embed apps inside TextKit
  • Reduce vendor lock in: swap out any channel service provider
  • Use your own auth provider (ex: Auth0, SAML, Office 365) and host data anywhere
  • Control where media, PII and contacts are stored and what users see
  • Adaptive design, made for embedding, mobile, tablet & desktop
  • Add any third party channel and upgrade to Twilio Conversations faster
  • Enterprise-grade control over what is sent/received
  • Multi-tenant support & white-labelling
  • Flexible UI that shows only the required info to users
  • Connected data graph - Share data between interface elements
  • Two-way, optional connection to Flex - Embed inside Flex, or embed Flex in TextKit
  • and much more 🔥

Enterprise-grade support

  • Hands-on support to launch an upgraded experience to front-line
  • Lean on tactics learned from over 100+ front-line messaging programs launched
  • Proven ROI case studies taken from customer A/B tests and pilots that met KPIs

Enterprise-ready tech

  • TS, GraphQL, React, Java Spring, CQRS, JEST, Event Sourcing & more
  • Trusted by some of the largest telecom providers and retailers
  • Works for small deployments but also the complex (700+ stores, dealer channels)